We’re Number 4! Travel And Leisure Puts Austin Fourth In National Scale Of Which Towns “Fly Freak Flag Highest”

In an unsurprising move New Orleans finished in the number one spot in Travel and Leisure’s oddball city poll. Now that’s a genuinely strange town. Not as a result of a clever marketing campaign but as a genuine expression of the everyman.

What were the metrics that defined the city as the oddest? Even after reading the article I’m not exactly sure but it may have something to do with galleries, music, theatre and locally brewed beer.

I’m surprised that Austin finished as high as we did. I find little odd, strange or weird about the town. It’s lovely but highly conventional. People are genuine and tend to hew toward the middle of road in their convictions.

In the article one resident and recent transplant had this to say “In Austin, you’re really not a part of the scene until you’ve grown a beard, gotten a tattoo, and found the most ironic consignment-store clothing available,”

Precisely. By virtue of the fact that you’ve gotten a tattoo, grown a beard or walk around wearing a Journey t-shirt, you then “fit in”. Therefore disqualifying yourself from being “weird” or “oddball”.

Want to be really weird in Austin? Hope you don’t have a tattoo. I was sitting at the bar at Lovejoy’s the other night when the tattoo topic came up. Myself and the lady bartender were the only ones in the discussion zone that were tattoo free. “YEA, WE’RE FREAKS”, we both yelled and started laughing.

Indeed, the gathered group all remarked on how bizarre it was that we did not, at a minimum, have at least a small Yosemite Sam drawing or neo-tribal flourish lurking somewhere on our person[s].

Nope. We’re freaks, weirdos if you will.

A friend of mine, ages and ages ago told me anytime he thought about getting a tattoo he drove himself to Bookpeople and bought a thick book and sat down and read it. “Books make great tattoos” he claimed. “They leave a mark on you”.

That always stuck with me for some reason.

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