Update: Amado “Mayo” Pardo, Two Time Killer, Texas Syndicate Member And Founder Of Jovita’s Cantina

The big, mean dog is going berserk.

I’m standing on Milton Street where the FBI raid on the house of Amado Mayo Pardo took place, and the big shepherd is trying desperately to batter down the fence of his master’s house so he can have a crack at me.

I reckon he must have been having a stay-the-night party somewhere else or law enforcement would’ve brought his watchdog career to a grinding halt when they blew the door off the hinges of Pardo’s house with explosive charges recently. { http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/index.cfm/2012/6/21/Takedown-The-Feds-Stun-South-Austin-With-Four-Sonic-BoomsRaid-Jovitas-Cantina-And-Arrest-15 }

More details are emerging in the Texas Syndicate heroin-bust saga that has gripped Austin these past 2 weeks. Yesterday, in the court of U.S. Magistrate Judge Mark Lane, FBI Special Agent Stephen Hause alleged that Amado Mayo Pardo is a career criminal who has been selling heroin for at least twenty five years in Austin.

Pardo, the twice convicted murderer, is behind bars as we speak, and it appears as though that’s where he’s going to stay for quite some time. But the other defendants, in the case dubbed Operation Muerte Negra, are slowly making their way into the courtroom of Judge Lane to determine whether they’ll be allowed to post bond or not.

Most recently, Alfredo Alvarez, 61, was denied bail while Tatiana Huang, 25, was shipped off to a treatment facility. I can’t help but think about the eighteen people who were arrested during the operation all detoxing in a jail cell. It ain’t pretty.

Ms. Huang, it is alleged, was a heroin processor for Pardo. This is the person who takes the heroin and cuts it with an adulterant before packaging it for street sales. A student at the University of Texas, Huang was occasionally chauffeured to class by Pardo.

Mr. Pardo better hope the other men in the Texas Syndicate don’t find that out or he will be teased mercilessly.


More details as warranted.

credit http://www.statesman.com/news/local/fbi-amado-pardos-drug-dealing-predates-jovitas-2409462.html







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2 Responses to Update: Amado “Mayo” Pardo, Two Time Killer, Texas Syndicate Member And Founder Of Jovita’s Cantina

  1. D says:

    their dog is actually really friendly, but I suppose that isn’t as sensationalist as your story might want to slant it.  It was actually home when the doors blew in – as it is every night.

    With that said, Mayo’s still an asshole neighbor to everyone in that part of Bouldin. 

  2. RL Reeves Jr says:

    I was happy that the fence was there. The dog may be friendly but he sure wasn’t acting like he wanted to be petted on his head while I was standing in the street.

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