Turf N Surf Po Boys In Austin, Texas

Turf n Surf Po Boys in downtown Austin has a chef from the famous Gilmore cooking family. No, it’s not Bryce Gilmore of Odd Duck Farm To Trailer and Barley Swine nor is it Jack Allen Gilmore of Z’Tejas and Jack Allen’s Kitchen fame.

It’s Ralph Gilmore, brother of Jack and uncle of Bryce.The guy can cook with the best of his blood too. As he puts it “I was cooking before cooking was cool”. Turf n Surf Po Boys is not going to make you forget about Parkway Bakery and Tavern anytime soon but they are putting out a good fried seafood sandwich for under ten bucks.

Stick your head in the kitchen and say howdy to Ralph Gilmore too. If you’re lucky and he’s in a loquacious mood the guy really knows how to spin a yarn and he’s a real talent on the deep fryer.

EDITOR’S NOTE: I have no idea how to run wordpress. This article was from 2 years ago and had turned into a four oh four error, unretrievable to reader but accessible via my admin page. I copied it and put it back up which is why it’s now at the top of the page. RL

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