Turf and Surf Po Boy: The Land and the Sea Come to Downtown Austin

During my lifetime I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve visited New Orleans. I may have been weaned on po boys for all I know cause I began visiting the Crescent City when I was still a sprout.

While the deliciousness of the po boys at places like Parkway Bakery, Johnny’s and Domilises can never be called into question the pricing has really gotten out of hand.

This point was driven home recently by a $27 dollar soft shell crab po boy I had  at R&O’s in Bucktown. Yes, TWENTY SEVEN DOLLARS. Which I gladly paid and did so without batting an eye. It was the first few days of crab season and since I only get to visit NOLA a couple times a year I knew I had to maximize my time spent.

So paying $8 dollars for a catfish sandwich from the new po boy joint on Congress Avenue didn’t really raise my hackles. Sure it’s only half as big as a genuine Louisiana version but if the flavor’s there I’ll pay it and do so gladly.

The flavor’s there.

The po boy comes on a 7 or so inch loaf, dressed with mixed salad greens, a bit of coleslaw-style cabbage,purple onions and roma tomatoes. The advertised pickle was missing in action.

While the loaf will not stir memories of the iconic Leidenheimer’s version it is sufficiently fresh. The problem lies in that the too soft crust makes it a poor performer in it’s efforts to hold up under the onslaught of fillings.

The crowning glory however is the fried, sweet-meat-catfish. A small, Texas- farm-raised catfish filet, lightly dredged and fried in peanut oil sits atop all the locally grown vegetables like a whiskered emperor.

It is delicious.

Sitting on  hot blacktop on a plain folding chair is always one of my favorite ways to dine. Has been for years. Mid-feed a kindly slip of a girl comes out to inquire after our weal and offer us a sample of warm, creamy pasta.

A bit of lagniappe in downtown Austin.


Turf and Surf Po Boy

2nd st. and Congress Ave

Austin, Texas


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3 ***   Excellent

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