The State of Carnitas In Austin Texas: Part 2. La Michoacana Meat Market

Day 2: “Fix that face before I smack it off of you” are the first words I hear on day 2 of my taco journey. A Mexican mom has about had it with her progeny and has taken to issuing bald threats to win their compliance.

La Michoacana is an Austin-based Mexican grocery chain with 7 locations scattered about town. Santiago, the owner is an earnest man who believes in serving the community good product with good prices. As you enter each store peer about for a moment and you’ll see a very well-stocked cafeteria steam table filled with dirt cheap deliciousness. On this day a 60 quart stock pan is filled to the brim with honeycomb tripe for tomorrow’s menudo, and the tipico offerings of barbacoa, lengua, tripas, carnitas et al  simmering on the hot line.

I pay the cashier, receive my ticket and present it to the cook. She flips a couple tortillas onto the flat top and continues about her work. Moments pass and she hands me a giant mound of shredded pork, perhaps a half pound, on doubled up commercial corn tortillas garnished with tons of fresh chopped onions and bright green cilantro. A warm, salsa station is off to the side and I hit my taco with a vigorous dousing of a very good,slow roasted tomato sauce. Not particularly hot but a good deep flavor. The pork is soft, succulent and piggy tasting. The portion size is ample enough to make two tacos and at $1.61 w/tax  a very good value.

Two *

La Michoacana
No. 1
1917 East 7th Street #1
Austin , TX, 78702

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