The State of Bacon Egg and Cheese Breakfast Tacos in Austin Texas Part 3: La Monita

Here in Austin, Texas our proximity to Mexico means the occasional call in order to a Mexican restaurant might not  go so well.

I phone La Monita to place an order for pickup and my speech is greeted with a harried “No hable Ingles”.

It’s no big deal, I’ve worked in a lot of kitchens where Spanish was THE language so I can fumble through well enough to at least get fed.

La Monita has been in operation since the early 1970’s. I’ve long regarded it as the finest carniceria in town although if you abide by the most technical of definitions it does not qualify as no raw meats are available, only cooked.

It’s no matter when the prepared meats are this good. I’ve written at length about their barbacoa and their carnitas in the past but this article concerns itself with breakfast tacos; bacon, egg and cheese to be specific.

At $1.29 my breakfast is a very good value. Owner Antonio is not out to fleece his patrons. His [unspoken] mission statement is to feed the people, feed them well and try not to get so deep into their pockets that it’s a special treat to eat at his restaurant.

La Monita intermittently offers handmade tortillas, perhaps only on the weekend as the ones on this taco are factory made. Doubled up, not oiled, they are standard issue. The taco has a good weight to it with a plentiful bacon and cheese ratio to the egg.

Salsas are dynamite. The red is a deep, dragon’s blood of fire. The green, a classic tomatilla base, mild but still very satisfying.

Humble, family run, inexpensive, catering to working class folks who need good food fast, La Monita is a fine source for tacos and meat by the pound.

La Monita

2200 East 7th Street


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