The Art Of The Cocktail Part One: The Lonely Bullfighter

I’ve had a long love affair with well mixed cocktails.

The people who prepare them, bars stretching from rural Texas to Istanbul, and the culture that surrounds the art of the cocktail have long fascinated me.

A perfectly crafted drink, a cozy bar stool and the companionship of an amiable bartender are things that I seek when it’s time to shed the workaday world and experience what E.B White called “the golden companionship of the tavern.”

I’ve cooked and tended bar since back in the 90s and always had an interest in making cocktails to pair with my menus. My backyard partiesĀ  became legend in Austin at the dawn of the double aughts when we’d come up with a theme menu for the food, then lay in a few bottles of liquor and liqueur and have ourselves a time. Fifty people with a drink in their hand hand and Hank on the hi fi makes for a fine Texas evening.

One of my best cocktail recipes is titled the Lonely Bullfighter. It’s a tequila-based drink that was created to go with a Explore The Classic Cuisine of Mexico food party menu.


2 oz Tequila, your favorite brand

1 oz Cointreau

3/4 oz Lime Juice, fresh squeezed

Topo Chico

* Combine ingredients {minus Topo Chico} in a mixing glass with ice

*Shake well

*Strain into bar glass filled with ice and Topo Chico

*Stir, garnish with lime


The finest drinking city in the world is New Orleans, Louisiana and I’ll be exploring a bit of their cocktail culture via this channel over the next few weeks.


About RL Reeves Jr

I'm a writer living and working in New Orleans, Louisiana.
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