Texas Daily Photo: West End Cafe And Barbecue In Taylor Texas

Never can catch these guys open. I decided to knock out 3 chapters of the Texas Barbecue Book this weekend by running up through Taylor to hit West End Cafe and Barbecue then on to Thorndale to visit Thorndale Meat Market then Bartlett to hit Perez Barbecue.

There were cars in the parking lot of West End but the pits were cold and the joint was locked up. I know they’ve periodically went out of business but had heard they were back in the game and putting out some good brisket.

With Louie Mueller Barbecue, Taylor Cafe and Davis Grocery all vending superb smoked meats within blocks of West End Cafe you might expect times to be tough for the perennial underdog.

Hopefully catch them open on another visit.


1107 W 2nd St,

Taylor, TX


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