Texas Daily Photo: The Red Rooster In Pflugerville Texas

Coming up soon the old town of Pflugerville Texas will be hosting an event like no other. It’s time for some hot oil wrestling y’all.  I’ll always cherish the memories of the old days at XTC Cabaret off Springdale Road when they used to host hot oil wrestling every Wednesday night at midnight.

The performers would hoist themselves into a baby pool filled with warm oil and have a go at it like gladiators in days of yore.

One transgendered Brazilian dancer was an especially ornery competitor.

Those were the days. We’d load up a cooler filled with Real Ale and roll out to the club every Wednesday night for some good, clean all American fun.

Now we’ll get to relive those memories at the Red Rooster in Pflugerville on Feb 6th 2012

109 e. Pecan st.
Pflugerville, Texas


Enjoy boring the hell out of people by announcing your whereabout on Four square? Have at it right here https://foursquare.com/v/red-rooster/4c5b6ec594fd0f477625c645

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