Texas Daily Photo: Scrumptious Chef Restaurant Pop Up #7: The Wild Foods Of Texas

Looks like Tamale House got a hold of the Scrumptious Chef Restaurant Pop Up event poster. I wasn’t going to release it for a few more days. It’ll probably go viral as long lines form at the east Austin eatery on a morningly basis.


Our team of talented cooks is looking forward to working with antelope and wild boar. Broken Arrow Ranch, one of the most famous purveyors of wild game meat in the USA, is our purveyor for this event.

Chef Emeril Lagasse, of New Orleans, is probably the most famous chef in the USA who routinely uses this company’s product. We’re still writing the menu but will have it hammered out by 3 days prior to the event. That’s how much cooking time goes into each pop up restaurant.


Alligator Queso with fresh fried totopos. Alligator was surprisingly hard to find. We finally scored some from Quality Seafood but damn it it was pricey.

Texas-style boudin with smoked Texas longhorn beef brisket, jalapenos and green onions

Wild Antelope Chili Texas Red-style. We got a big shipment of antelope meat and antelope bones (for stock) This is a genuine Texas Red, damn near impossible to find in Austin these days. Nothing but antelope meat, antelope stock, ground chiles, masa and garlic. It will be available Frito Pie -style for no upcharge. This is Texas damnit!

Braised Wild Boar Hog. After a multi-day brine (a la Michael Ruhlman) we’re going to slow braise this beast in a bath of pork stock, garlic, Texas sweet onions, shallot, and white wine.

Green beans with Texas sweet onion

Bourbon Chocolate Quattro Leche Pecan Bread Pudding w/100 Grand Bar Creme Fraiche. Yeah.

David Norman, the top baker in Texas, is custom baking some wild Texas yeast bread for us down at Easy Tiger. Pain Au Levain y’all!

There will be a keg of Jester King’s wild Texas beer Das Wunderkind.

And a special surprise amuse bouche.

Date: Sat Jan 12 2013

Time: 6pm

Place: Tamale House East 1707 E.6th Street (512) 495-9504

Cost: 4-25


Event: Scrumptious Chef Pop Up Restaurant #7

Name: The Wild Foods Of Texas

Place: Tamale House East

Date: Saturday Jan 12th 2013

Time: 6pm

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