Texas Daily Photo: Mesquite’s Barbecue In Lubbock Texas

Walking down a dark alley with a thick haze of smoke in the air from the barbecue pit, things look pretty promising at Mesquite’s Barbecue located hard up against the campus of Texas Tech University. The inside of the old restaurant is good and rough with a pile of bar stools tumbled over in the corner and the walls covered with enough bric a brac to start a 5 and dime in Levelland.

The three workers exhibit a strong preference for huddling over their iphones at the end of the bar as we wait to see whether the beer and brisket we’ve come here for will be proffered to us or if we should just clamber over the bar and back into the kitchen to help ourselves.

I finally peel off my chair

“I hate to interrupt but are y’all still open”

Vapid stare.

“We’d like to order some food and drink”

She reluctantly follows me back to the table.

I hate to bother service industry people with needless tasks but since she’s our conduit for food and beverage I reckon I’ll have to play the bad guy just this once.

When the brisket comes, her reluctance to play the role of waitress becomes clear.

It’s lousy. Shredded, sprinkled with some weird McCormick’s style seasoning but thankfully not sauced [we tried the sauce on the table and it’s a dead ringer for Arby’s red sauce] it’s on the ass end of brisket that I’ve sampled in the Great State.

Oddly enough I really like Mesquites, it’s a beat up old dive bar with plenty character and good atmosphere but I would never make the mistake of eating here again.

2419 Broadway
Lubbock, TX


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