Texas Daily Photo: Josie’s Burritos #4 In Lubbock Texas

High dollar Mexican food in Lubbock, Texas?


Josie’s Burritos is a legendary Mexican joint out on the western plains of the great state. It’s been around forever and has always been known as a good 24/7 source for big, cheap burritos with a wide variety of styles and flavors.

The good news it’s still pretty good.

The bad news is the cheap part went out the window. My Lubbock guide [ a native ] nearly torpedoed himself through the takeout window when the order girl informed him that a bean and cheese burrito and a beef fajita burrito was going to run him $8!

Tortilla: Flour and not homemade or if homemade, made by someone with poor tortilla skills

Fillings: Beans were very creamy and rich with manteca. Beef was plentiful and tender and crusted over with seasonings which was fine.

Salsa: Dreadful. Tomato sauce with plenty sugar stirred into it.

I wouldn’t run back to Josie’s #4 but for a 3:30 am, just got off a long drive-meal it provided some much needed nourishment.

3413 Avenue Q
Lubbock, TX 
(806) 747-0567


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