Texas Daily Photo: JC’s Backyard Barbecue In Granger, Texas

I did what I always do when I’m in a small town in Texas and on the hunt for barbecue. I post up in a parking lot of a quick mart and make idle conversation with strangers filling up their gas tanks or brushing out their floor mats.

After a little bit of small talk I burrow in deeper. “Man I’m starving, where can a body go to get a good plate of brisket and hot guts around here?”

The list is endless of places I’ve found this way.

While JC’s is not open just yet, a kindly stranger did tell me that ol JC had been turning barbecue out of his backyard that was so good everybody bragged on him so much he decided to wade into the Texas barbecue fray.

I’ll be heading back up to Granger periodically over the next few months to chart progress of this joint and will issue field reports as warranted.

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I'm a writer living and working in New Orleans, Louisiana.
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