Texas Barbecue Photos: How To Make Your Own Bacon

Pictured: A 10 pound-plus pork belly, hot off the smoker. I’ve been experimenting with making my own bacon for some time now and this is one of the pork bellies right after she’d been pulled off the smoker in the back yard.

Making your own bacon is certainly not difficult. You have to have a certain amount of space in your fridge that you can devote to holding a big pork belly, you have to buy some pink curing salt, and you have to have patience. Other than that, given the abundance of recipes out there, you should do just fine.

Here’s a hot link to a series of articles, including recipes, I’ve done detailing my How To Make Your Own Bacon Project. Good luck http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/index.cfm/How-To-Make-Your-Own-Bacon

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