Ten Wines I’ve Been Enjoying Of Late

I haven’t given up on beer and barbecue by any stretch but I’ve also begun exploring wine a bit as well. Here are a few wines I’ve been drinking lately. I concentrated on bang for your buck wines.

Stratus Sauvignon Blanc $7.50  $30  Ontario. Sancerre in style, a complex interesting wine, aged in oak.

Cartlidge Browne Chardonnay $9 $35 California. Robert Parker has often called this one of the best values in California Chardonnay. French in style.

Ca Del Sarto Pinot Grigio  $6 $25 Italy.  One of the best Italian wine bargains, bright citrus.

Seaglass Pinot Noir $7.50 $30 Santa Barbara CA. Silver Medal LA Wine n Spirits Competition,a good value red.

Silver Palm Cabernet Sauvignon $11 $40  North Coast CA. Beautiful ruby red, Bing cherry, coffee and smoke. Steakhouse wine.

Becker Cabernet Syrah $10 $36  Stonewall, Texas. Rich tobacco and caramel. Aged in French and American oak barrels. Is Richard Becker the best winemaker in Texas?

Revolution Malbec $9 $35  Argentina. Spicy, 12 months in used oak.

Duchman Aglianico $9 $35  Driftwood, Texas. 100 percent Texas grapes, fermented in stainless steel and then spends 10 months in American oak. Duchman’s the “buzz” winery in Texas right now. A dry red.

Duchman San Giovese $7.5 $33 Driftwood, Texas. Formerly Mandola Vineyards. A Tuscan varietal that thrives on Texas soil.

Secco $6 $25 Washington. Dry, value wine for people who like bubbles but lack bank

Mumm Cuvee 187 Split $10 Napa Valley,matches up beautifully to creamy desserts, spicy entrees.

Mionetti Prosecco 375 split $12  Italy. Real deal Prosecco. Some say the best producer of prosecco wines (made exclusively in Italy), is Mionetto. Mionetto Prosecco is supposed to either start or finish your meal but I’m a philistine and will happily drink it through every course.

I’ll never be a wino but I do enjoy a glass now and again. Reds just straight up turn my lights out so I always have to make sure I’m near a cot or a hammock before I drink a glass of red wine. I need a spot where I can pitch over. Proseccos and champagnes are far more my style. They’re energizing to me. I’m really interested in Texas wines. The Becker and Duchman wines are the best ones I’ve found so far but I’m a neophyte.

I’ll edit this post from time to time to update it and reflect what I’ve found most recently.

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