Taqueria La Canaria: Real Deal Mexican on Airport Boulevard

When you stake a claim within rock throwing distance of one of Austin’s most legendary taquerias [Tamale House] you’d better be prepared to bring your A game on a daily basis.

In some ways La Canaria is actually superior to the icon. To be frank Tamale House has the worst flour tortillas in town. They don’t offer corn so you will eat flour or you will eat nothing.

La Canaria’s homemade corn tortillas, while not top tier,are respectable. The cook,a girl who appears to be 13 or so, makes them per order on a flat top without oil.The masa, likely from Fiesta,has been richened with lard and pressed out to a likeable thin-ness

Pork in red sauce is finely shredded meat in a brilliant red adobo sauce. Topped with chopped onions and doused with a bit of fresh lime juice it is fine. The barbacoa however is excellent. Most of the fat has been rendered out leaving little crispy bits here and there. Barbacoa ages quickly but La Canaria’s version is extremely fresh and of good quality.

Ambience is fine. You’re afforded a nice view of the busy intersection from the lone table squatted on the cement side slab due north of the cart. The quick mart sees a steady stream of neighborhood folks most of whom disembark from their autos seemingly drunk as they stagger about before sort of pitching their way through the doorway.

La Canaria is open from 7 am to 9 pm [ later if they’re busy ] 7 days a week. If the weather’s rough I’ve noted them to not honor these hours .It’s a top ten cart in Austin with the potential of being top 5.

Taqueria La Canaria

E 51st St & Airport Blvd Austin, TX 78751
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2 Responses to Taqueria La Canaria: Real Deal Mexican on Airport Boulevard

  1. Neiderman says:

    I just went there about two weekends ago. Right after SXSW, we had the tostadas and the sopes. Both were amazing and proportions were spot on. But I dont think their corn tortillas are made with lard. That’s not what you use to make corn tortillas. Fiesta has some pretty good stuff, but you can only get their products from the factory, not at your local retail store.

  2. Tz13 says:

    The cook is not 13 she is well above that age now the cashier is a different story 🙂 just making sure you dont switch their identities.

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