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Update: Amado “Mayo” Pardo, Two Time Killer, Texas Syndicate Member And Founder Of Jovita’s Cantina

The big, mean dog is going berserk. I’m standing on Milton Street where the FBI raid on the house of Amado Mayo Pardo took place, and the big shepherd is trying desperately to batter down the fence of his master’s … Continue reading

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Operation Muerte Negra’s Heroin Bust Can’t Keep Jovita’s Closed. Amado “Mayo” Pardo’s Family Hopes To Reopen

Interesting developments in the south Austin heroin bust saga that we’ve been detailing for almost a week now. Amado “Mayo” Pardo, patriarch of Jovita’s Cantina and thrice convicted murderer, sits behind bars accused of being an Austin heroin kingpin. Last … Continue reading

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