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The Art Of The Cocktail Part Three: The Caipirinha

Austin Texas has a large Brazilian community that explodes one weekend per year at the Palmer Event Center, when they all show up clothed as scantily as possible then proceed to spend the next few hours gyrating wildly eventually ending … Continue reading

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The Art Of The Cocktail Part One: The Lonely Bullfighter

I’ve had a long love affair with well mixed cocktails. The people who prepare them, bars stretching from rural Texas to Istanbul, and the culture that surrounds the art of the cocktail have long fascinated me. A perfectly crafted drink, … Continue reading

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Kathryn Weatherup’s New East Austin Bar Is Dead Serious About Your Cocktails And The Ice That Keeps Them Cold

Expertly mixed cocktails are now available in the Cesar Chavez barrio of East Austin. It’s not beenĀ  many years since that sentence would’ve rung out across Austin as an absurdity. Not anymore. We’ve been looking forward to Kathryn Weatherup’s entry … Continue reading

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Texas Daily Photo: The White Swan: Old School East Austin Beer Joint

One of East Austin’s historic, drinking establishments The White Swan was formerly a quiet little bar that catered to older Black folks and blue collar workers through the week transforming itself into a slightly more raucous young folks club on … Continue reading

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