Signature Tastes Of New Orleans: Recipe Collection By Paula Garriott

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On one of my countless trips to New Orleans, I walked out of the Amtrak station in a dither. It was sunrise, long before my beloved Casamento’s was set to open, and I was out of sorts. I began walking west, wondering what I could do before I  set-to a big plate of oysters, and a soft shell crab, Pullman loaf sandwich.

The St. Charles streetcar line was out-of-service, so I set-off on foot through the Garden District, til I finally arrived at Ms. Mae’s. New Orleans being what it is, the bar was good and busy with dawn revelers whooping it up over their morning beverages.

I went deep in my cups with the friendly barkeep, til 11am finally came calling, and the doors to Casamento’s swung open.

Little did I know history was being made.

I take a lot of pictures. It’s part of the trade. My food photography is well below-standard but I can take a good shot of a door, sign or building. I took a few photos, wrote an article about my meal that morning, put it up, and watched my site metrics as a few thousand people descended on my work.

One of my readers, noted author Paula Garriott, contacted me to see if she could use one of the photos from my Casamentos shoot for her book: Signature Taste Of New Orleans. I agreed, then quickly forgot all about our exchange.

Til the morning post brought me a USPS packet with a couple copies of her brand new book. It’s splendid.

Ms. Garriott has compiled a stunning collection of recipes from New Orleans restaurants in her tome, including one of my all-time favorites: Mr. B’s Bistro’s Barbecue Shrimp! There are dozens of other formulas, including classics from the kitchens of Commander’s Palace, Coquette and Galatoire’s among others.

Would you like a copy?

Name the French Quarter bar that includes this historical narrative:

Formerly a brothel, this cocktail den was once named after the king of Black New Orleans music as the 19th century became the 20th. Nowadays, it’s considered one of the top 5 craft cocktail bars in the city and can boast of formerly employing a bartender who whipped out a pistol and shot the joint up one night before being subsequently terminated. The muleshoe shape of the physical bar encourages patrons to chat amongst themselves as does the lack of a television. Sunday afternoons sometimes find the sideroom to contain a crockpot filled with the owner’s homemade gumbo.

Respond in comments below and claim your prize.

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