Searching For the Golden Bull. Eating in Budapest Part 7: Ellátó Kert

It’s rare but there are times when I’m on vacation overseas that I prefer the traditions of the Americans.

To wit. If you walk into a bar around midnight in USA chances are pretty good that there won’t be a dozen or so pre-teens riding bicycles around the tables and generally having the time of their lives.

Such is not the case at Ellátó Kert. Walking in for a moment I thought maybe I’d stumbled upon a late night day care center for children. There are little kids everywhere, most of them straddling little bmx bicycles and navigating through the garden bars tables, occasionally knocking a pint glass over or falling down and skinning a knee.

There’s a group of drunk moms over in the corner whooping it up. I reckon they’re brushing up on their parenting skills over a few pints of beer.

Just another night in Budapest.

I’ve read reports that a Mexican is at work at this bar and sure enough upon walking in I immediately spot a tiny taco cart off to the side emblazoned “taqueria”.

I generally don’t eat Mexican food when I’m more than a couple hundred miles from Mexico but I’ve heard that this man is quite the chef so I decide to throw caution to the wind.

Sage decision.

I order two tacos, a chorizo with potatoes and a beef with pico de gallo. Both are served on single corn tortillas which have been griddled with just a bit of oil. The tortillas are handmade and quite good. The girl working the cart asks if I’d like my tacos spicy and I nod in affirmation. Lord knows the Hungarians raise some of the worlds finest chiles and these tacos are rife with them. The chorizo is a medium grind of pork and clearly homemade. Very well balanced with the seasonings and of a generous portion. The beef reminds me a bit of suadero and is covered in a piquant mix of tomatoes and onions.

These tacos are better than they have any right being.

Ellátó Kert’s garden area is sold out so I retire inside to a small table. Sipping a pint of Arany Ászok and eating a brace of delicious tacos makes for a very fine night out on the town in Budapest.


1070  Klauzál tér 2

No phone

No info regarding operating hours


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