Searching For the Golden Bull. Eating in Budapest Part 10: African Buffet

On a long hike through Joseph’s Town on the way to Rosensteins I notice an attractive corner diner “Afrikai “. I decide to take refuge within, have a beer or two and relax as I’ve been on the go since the early morning hours.

I realize quickly upon walking in that I’m not going to be able to limit myself to just a beer as the aromas coming from the tiny kitchen are driving me buck wild.

I drink half a giant Dreher and inquire as to whether or not there is soup available. I’m cautioned that it’s very spicy but having eaten my way across Texas and Mexico for the last few years I assure them I  can handle the heat even if it’s of the African variety.

A medium sized bowl filled with a murky brown broth is presented forthwith. The broth is quite boldly heated with both upfront and lingering flavor of chiles. I ask a worker what kind of peppers they use and he admits he doesn’t know what the name is but they are Hungarian and they are long, green and slender.

The soup is anchored by a few hunks of catfish with good fatty skin and a million or so tiny bones.

This is my preference for fish based soups as the bones generally add a good flavor to the broth. This soup is no exception.

I finish my meal and make my way to the cashier. African Buffet is a family restaurant with the foods representing the nations of Zanzibar, Tanzania and Nigeria. Head chef Linda Zara is on the range and if my soup is any indication this little restaurant is in for an extended tenure as it is delicious.

Berkocis Utca 21

tele: 36 30 7288 105

Mon-Thu 11am-11pm

Fri-Sat Noon-2am

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