Once Over Coffee Bar: Where The Drinking Water Is As Sweet As A Maiden’s Kiss

Business was slow coming out of the gate but nowadays Once Over Coffee Bar is like a runaway truck with lines snaking out the door, packed tables and a busy crew hustling out, by my estimation, the best coffee in Austin.

Yes, there are rivals. The fancy lads at Houndstooth are putting out a good cup with their best coffee percolator. Caffe Medici, with locations scattered about town can get you fixed up with some good brew and there’s always JP’s up near the campus for the high dollar stuff.

But at the end of the day there is only one shop that really knows how to get those endorphins haphazardly firing off like a Saturday night in the old days of the Montopolis neighborhood.

That would be Once Over Coffee Bar in Bouldin Creek.

If I’m feeling fancy I get a double Americano but like as not I’ll just get the 12oz house. There’s nothing like it to get me cracking on my daily work. I hear the local nancy boys like the hot chocolate laced with cayenne chiles this time of year. We recently had a good laugh at this complete reprobate-looking x-con with spiderweb neck tattoos who piped up with “soy latte please” when asked what he was having.

Are you a toddy drinker? Special note must be made of Once Over’s version as it is the pet project of co-owner Jenée. Too many joints in town half ass it or god forbid just take the day old drip and stick it in the fridge for the next day’s service.

Once Over gets their beans from Cuvee out in Spicewood, the nationally famous roaster that put Austin coffee on the map. We hear Stumptown is making inroads in Austin nowadays and it will be interesting to see if they can displace any Cuvee accounts. We’ll keep you posted.

The old days when the owners of Once Over were the baristas, morning noon and night are largely over. You’ll see Rob Ovitt still scooting around back there but with business booming there is now a phalanx of workers all seemingly trained in some far off Once Over Coffee Bar skill factory as the coffee always tastes exactly the same; delicious.

I drive by 30 or so coffee houses to get down to South Austin for my visits. All offer a reasonable approximation of good coffee but when you’ve got to get the goods, the real deal, the best in Austin-well,  just keep right on rolling til you get to Once Over Coffee Bar.

Food. Very little is available other than the standard muffins and what have you, there is a decent taco trailer 50 yards from the door. While the quality has skyrocketed in recent years they’re still mired in the plastic bag tortilla syndrome that gives many taquerias in our town the grip. An interesting aside is that Once Over has a “bring your own outside food policy”.

2009 S 1st St
Austin, TX 78704
Bouldin Creek
(512) 326-9575

about the title of the article: I drink a lot of water. I’m not sure how Once Over gets their drinking water tasting so damn good but it reminds me of drinking from a mountain spring in an especially virginal forest in rural Kentucky.

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