On The Road With RL Reeves Jr: Taking The Back Way To Westwego Shrimp Lot From New Orleans

Westwego Shrimp Lot

2017 marks the 40th year of operation for Westwego Shrimp Lot in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. Thousands of people from New Orleans visit the venerable fish market each week with the lion’s share of them using the bridge that runs from our city’s Central Business District to the West Bank.

The Crescent City Connection Bridge (then known as the Greater New Orleans Bridge) opened in 1958 when the population of our fair city was just north of 600k people. Nowadays New Orleans is home to 385k hardy souls.

Driving across the CCC, as it’s known locally, is a hair-raising endeavor as all eight lanes are bumper to bumper, and if a break develops in the jam you can rest assured every driver will put the pedal to the metal making for some of the most dangerous driving in the southern United States.

Here’s how to get to the Westwego Shrimp Lot from New Orleans without using the Crescent City Connection Bridge:

Take I-10 West to the Huey P Long Bridge Exit (Clearview Parkway)
Take Clearview Parkway South to the Seven Oaks Blvd Exit
Go east On Seven Oaks Blvd til it joins LA 541 (River Road) bear to the right (south)
At the junction of Louisiana Avenue go south (right)
Follow this to US 90, look straight ahead, there you will see Westwego Shrimp Lot

Westwego Shrimp Lot

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