On The Road With RL Reeves Jr: Storm’s Drive In At Lampasas Texas

Rose, Waitress At Storm's Drive-In, Lampasas Texas

Rose, Waitress At Storm’s Drive-In, Lampasas Texas

In 1873, 57 year old William Washington ‘Wash’ Storm opened a roadside stagecoach stop and eatery in Stormville, Texas, a small community seven miles north of Quitman, famous for being the birthplace of Sissy Spacek and little else.

Storm was left at loose ends when the Texas and Pacific Railway came through thus ending the constant stream of business that the stagecoach traffic had afforded. Storm would be dead a scant nine years later.

In 1944, Wash’s grandson Jim Storm decided to dip his toes in the hospitality industry by opening a small restaurant inside Kiddie-Land in San Antonio. Six years later Jim and his wife IraDell migrated north to Lampasas and opened the Dairy Cue. Texans of a certain age still reminisce about this old joint as Elvis was a regular during his tenure at Fort Hood in nearby Killeen.

Flabby Bacon Aside This  Storm's Drive-In Burger Is Delicious

Flabby Bacon Aside This Storm’s Drive-In Burger Is Delicious

It would remain the Dairy Cue for nearly a quarter century before the couple’s son Robbis decided to honor the family’s near 100 year run in the industry by adopting the Storm’s appellation.

I take my meal on a nice, covered patio that was constructed where Lampasas’ ‘hanging tree’ once stood. I pause to think of all the outlaw souls that were lost on this small plot of land. Rose, my waitress, interrupts my reverie with a well-placed bacon hamburger. All thoughts of lost souls evaporate as the smell of hot beef and cured meat trace upwards.

201 N Key Ave Lampasas, TX 76550

201 N Key Ave
Lampasas, TX 76550

Storm’s famously sources the best beef they can lay their hands on, and despite a change of ownership a few years back (a Storm is no longer part of ownership) the meat is as good as ever. Unfortunately the bacon is flabby and has marginal appeal. The burger is no behemoth but I do believe it’s bigger than its advertised four ounces.

The fries are house-cut, fried twice and have been well tended to by a good cook. In a world filled with lazy ass restaurateurs who buy freezer bag fries off Sysco trucks this is most welcome.

Feeling inspired? Storm’s Drive-In is located in Lampasas roughly an hour north and west of Austin. There are other locations as well but this is the mothership and the only one I’ve ever visited.

Storm's Drive-In At Lampasas Texas

Storm’s Drive-In At Lampasas Texas

Storm’s Drive-In
201 Key Avenue
Lampasas, Texas

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Here’s an earlier article I wrote about Storm’s Drive-In with a focus on family matriarch IraDell Storm

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