Louisiana Daily Photo: Spatchcocked Chicken At Ideal Mart

Screaming children? Check.

Vaqueros in the checkout line trying to haggle over prices? Check.

Big, beautiful, spanking clean market filled with fresh meats and vegetables? Check.

Ideal Markets are scattered all over the New Orleans metro but the new one on Airline Drive is something else entirely.

Ideal Market Is Today's Louisiana Daily Photo via RL Reeves Jr

Ideal Market Is Today’s Louisiana Daily Photo via RL Reeves Jr

It’s big, it’s clean, it’s not crowded, and it has an impeccable Mexican blue plate hot lunch counter that I am dying to try.

Watch for this market to pop up in my 500 po boys series soon as they offer tortas which is nothing more than a Mexican po boy.

Ideal Market

Hours Of Operation
Sunday 7am-9pm
Monday 7am-9pm
Tuesday 7am-9pm
Wednesday 7am-9pm
Thursday 7am-9pm
Friday 7am-9pm
Saturday 7am-9pm

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