Louisiana Daily Photo: Southern Hotel

Southern Hotel In Covington, Louisiana

Southern Hotel In Covington, Louisiana

With little else to interest us on a recent torpid afternoon we made our way north out of the Bywater and set sail for the Southern Hotel in Covington, Louisiana.

Not for an assignation mind you. We were merely interested in visiting the Southern Hotel bar where surely an old school barman would be tending, and we could sit back with a Rob Roy or Sidecar and brush off the hurly-burly of New Orleans existence.

Barkeep Doug put on a masterclass in hospitality while we sat back and drank a little tequila and wondered what life would be like as residents of Covington, Louisiana.

Southern Hotel
28 E. Boston St. Covington LA

Sunday 7am-10pm
Monday 7am-10pm
Tuesday 7am-10pm
Wednesday 7am-10pm
Thursday 7am-10pm
Friday 7am-midnight
Saturday 7am-midnight

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