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I was on a taco run across the entirety of New Orleans and intel had indicated that the Brown Derby at Tulane and Jefferson Davis was making tortillas from scratch.

It never dawned on me that there were two Brown Derbys on the same intersection. The Brown Derby on the southwest corner is a humble corner store with a hotline in the back offering fried chicken livers, smothered turkey necks, yellow corn from the tin, collard greens and a host of other Deep South soul food classics.

Louisiana Daily Photo: Brown Derby #3 via RL Reeves Jr

Louisiana Daily Photo: Brown Derby #3 via RL Reeves Jr

This is where I took the photo of their fetching “Soul Food” sign. For the record this is Brown Derby #3, the other Brown Derby across the street has no affiliation. It is separately owned.

This particular Brown Derby originally operated on Freret Street but Katrina wiped out the operation, the store flooded and was summarily looted.

You don’t read about the Brown Derbys scattered about New Orleans unless someone walks in with a shotgun and takes aim at the clerk.

Brown Derby #3
3326 Tulane Ave
New Orleans, LA

Hours of Operation
Sunday 5am-midnight
Monday 5am-midnight
Tuesday 5am-midnight
Wednesday 5am-midnight
Thursday 5am-midnight
Friday 5am-midnight
Saturday 5am-midnight

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