Louisiana Daily Photo: Rick Bragg

Rick Bragg is in the Alabama Writers Hall of Fame but I’ll always remember him for his time spent at the Birmingham News when I was a kid news-junkie growing up in Jefferson County Alabama.

Since that era Bragg hit the big time writing for the New York Times-winning a Pulitzer for that writing-and subsequently resigning from the same paper for using the work of one J. Wes Yoder without attribution in an article on Gulf Coast oystermen.

Louisiana Daily Photo via rl reeves jr

Louisiana Daily Photo via rl reeves jr

Legendary newspaperman Howell Raines accepted Bragg’s resignation.

Rick Bragg set about the business of redeeming himself in the 12 years since that contretemps and he did it by putting pen to paper like no other man.

He’s a giant.

On a recent evening in New Orleans Mr Bragg spoke in front of a crowd of 20 or so adherents at Garden District bookstore. There was plenty rambling by the good writer til he finally got down to the matter at hand and began talking about barbecue.

“That’s the single best question anyone has ever asked me” he responded when I inquired as to his favorite barbecue restaurants in Alabama.

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