Louisiana Daily Photo: Paul Nathan Berzas Jr aka T-Boy

We had ourselves a time up in Mamou last Fall. We were heading back to New Orleans from Mansura when we detoured out of the way to visit T-Boy’s Slaughterhouse to purchase a trunk load of boudin and a variety of other force meats.

The loquacious T-Boy Berzas was in fine form as he led us on a tour of his spanking clean slaughterhouse and meat market.

This is where area farmers bring their hogs to slaughter. After dispatching, the pig is then converted into all manners of cuts with a good bit of it being ground up and stuffed into hog gut casings for sausage.

T Boy Berzas

T Boy Berzas

I grew up in a slaughterhouse. My dad’s best friend owned the oldest one in Eastern Kentucky and I lost track of how many times I visited, watched the cows and hogs get shot in the head then transformed into primals, sub primals and on down and on down.

It’s a messy business but it never dissuaded me from my life in meat.

T-Boy’s Slaughterhouse has been open for 21 years and on the day we were there there was a steady stream of customers queued up to buy paunce, tasso, andouille, boudin and giant sacks of Rayne, Louisiana rice.

Evangeline Parish is lucky to have the hardworking Berzas as all the meats we trundled back to New Orleans were first rate.

T-Boy’s Slaughter House
2228 Pine Point Rd.
Ville Platte, Louisiana 70586

Hours Of Operation

Sunday Closed
Monday 7am-5:15pm
Tuesday 7am-5:15pm
Wednesday 7am-5:15pm
Thursday 7am-5:15pm
Friday 7am-5:15pm
Saturday 7:00am – 12:45pm

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