Louisiana Daily Photo: Murder At Uptown Meat Market

Louisiana Daily Photo via rl reeves jr

Louisiana Daily Photo via rl reeves jr

I was joking around with a cop in the Central City neighborhood of New Orleans a few days ago.

We were sitting in a bar off Washington when I told him of how I’d walked into Uptown Meat Market that morning and had all the pimps and dealers in stitches when they were clamoring to sell me something-anything and I asked them if they had any Juicy Fruit.

A minute later I walked outside with my gum and flashed it at them and they died laughing. They thought Juicy Fruit was some weird, street-slang they’d never heard of for some hot new drug that they had yet to score.

Talk turned sober when the officer told me of how the owner of Uptown Meat Market was murdered right on the step of his business. His brother took the reigns of the shop and continues to sell hot plates, Juicy Fruit and po boys to the neighborhood.

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