Louisiana Daily Photo: Jerry Folse

Louisiana Daily Photo via rl reeves jr

Louisiana Daily Photo via rl reeves jr

Jerry Folse, brother of Louisiana legend John Folse, stares intently into a pot of sauce piquante in Raceland. Mr Jerry was the architect of the best version of the dish I was served at the La Fete Des Vieux Temps – or the Festival of Old Times held recently on Bayou Lafourche.

Field report on the fete.

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One Response to Louisiana Daily Photo: Jerry Folse

  1. Jerry Folse says:

    Hi Mr. Reeves,

    This is Jerry Folse. It was great meeting you in Raceland. Thanks so much for your comments on the Sauce Piquante that my granddaughter, Macie Folse and I cooked at the La Fete Des Vieux Temps in Raceland on Oct. 16th. Macie just called it to my attention. Would you please send me a copy of the entire piece you wrote about our sauce piquante. When Macie showed it to me on her phone, the article included pictures of both she and I. When I went back to search for it, I could only find a small portion of the story.

    Note: In the article you mentioned that I had used Marcel recipe. Actually, Marcel was one of the judges at the State Wild Game and Seafood Cook-off , where I took first place with the Louisiana Seafood Sauce Piquante. When entering the competition, contestants had to agree to allowing their recipe to be published. Marcel
    published my recipe in cookbook called “The Top 100 Cajun Recipes of all Time”, which was published by Acadian House Publishing of Lafayette, LA.

    If you like I can send you a copy of the recipe..

    Thanks again.

    Jerry Folse
    40097 Pelican Roost
    Gonzales, LA 70737
    Phone: (225) 268-1850

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