Letter From An Istanbul Kitchen Part Seven: Lades 2. A Diner In The Beyoglu

I have a passion for soup. I make 6 quarts a week [that’s the size of my kettle] and have done so for the last several years. My friends are big eaters and they need good soup for sustenance.

Lades 2 has a good hand with the chicken soup. With thunderstorms booming over Istanbul this morning I awake early and the pouring rain really puts me in the mood for a big bowl of my favorite restorative: chicken soup.

Lades 2 version is one of my favorite styles and one you don’t find very often anymore. The broth has not been defatted leaving a thin skift of schmaltz across the top.

When I make a big kettle at the house I like to refrigerate the vessel then skim the cake of fat off the next day. Melted in a hot skillet it makes a fine cooking medium for potatoes fried with onion and garlic.

Although I would love to try more of Lades 2 chicken-centric menu I have a lot more eating to do so I restrain myself to a good size bowl and a loaf of bread [which as is custom in Istanbul is very good] before I make my way into the cold morning rain.

I begin navigating the windy, rainy streets of the Beyoglu eager to make my way to Mandabatmaz, my belly filled with nourishing Turkish soul food and a full day planned out in The City.

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Sadri Alisik Sokak 14, Beyoglu
Telephone: 212-251-3202

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