Istanbul Restaurants: Where The Turks Eat

Mapping out my first voyage to Istanbul I quickly vectored in on Sultanahmet as the best place to stay for week 1 of a two week stay. Admittedly, this is not where you’re going to have the best options as far as dining goes, but the scenery could not be finer.

If you have an image of the city in your head, it’s probably of a landmark in Sultanahmet. Topkapi Palace, the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia-the list goes on, the old quarter of Istanbul hosts a preponderance of major landmarks that people across the globe associate with Istanbul.

On a late night ramble across the neighborhood I heard raucous laughter and the sound of a full-bore party emanating from a tiny, shabby rabbit’s warren of a room.

Investigation yielded an incredible bar/restaurant called Emin’s Place. The story of this tiny mom n pop is here

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