From Across The Street: RL Reeves Jr. Looks At The Texas Monthly Barbecue Festival 2011 + People’s Choice Awards

It’s rare but there are times when we envy the life of the landed gentry of our community. Today is one of those times.

Back a few months ago when Texas Monthly Barbecue Festival 2011 tickets went on sale we were lacking the discretionary funds to throw down on an entry pass. Such is life.

But we’ve never let that stand in the way of having a good time. With that in mind we gather our wits about us after a typical, hard living Saturday night and make our way to the Long Center For The Performing arts, the site of this year’s party.

Stopping in at Sam’s Barbecue on e.12th st. we provision a half smoked chicken with pickles and onions for south of 5 bucks,  pass the time for a bit with pit boss Brian Mays and continue along our way.

Stopping once more we pick up a 6 pack of Pearl Beer from a quick mart and 10 minutes later we’re at Auditorium Shores perhaps a hundred yards from the event.

We take our pleasures where we find them.

Settling in nicely on a Coleman sleeping bag we take in a very fine scene. Hundreds if not thousands of brisket  loving Texans have gathered as one under the flag of Barbecue in all its glory.

Cracking open a can of Pearl and popping a Dough Sahm cassette in our boom box we lay right back. This is one Hell of a party and we are proud to be taking part in it. While it’s true that Sam’s Barbecue will most likely not be invited to the festival in the future, their chicken eats real good. The sweet smoky smell of a couple dozen barbecue pits magnifies the flavor nicely.

Lou Ann Barton begins her performance so we hit the pause on Sahm for a few minutes as a parade of Austinites stroll by just a few feet from our camp. One man has clearly not been home from the previous night’s throw as his fairy godmother look has been compromised by torn pantyhose, angel wings torn and flapping in the wind and a fierce 5 o clock shadow.

He pauses “where am I?”

“This is Auditorium Shores, man”

“Who am I?”

“The Fairy Godmother?”


Good old Austin.

This year’s Texas Monthly Barbecue Festival was a grand one, we drank some ice cold Pearl Beer, ate some delicious barbecue from Sam’s and enjoyed a great performance by Doug Sahm.

We take our pleasures where we find them.

News just broke on the People’s Choice Awards for this party.

Here they are:

Brisket: Franklin Barbecue

Pork Ribs: Stanley’s

Hot Guts: Louie Mueller

Beef Ribs: Louie Mueller

Our Sam’s Barbecue chicken is suddenly not tasting nearly as good.

Did you attend, as in actually gain entry, to this event?

If so please tell us about the party. What was your favorite bite of food? Your least favorite?

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  1. RL Reeves Jr says:


    Texas Monthly barbecue festival 2011 photo gallery





  2. fatfoodie says:

    who is this guy? So there were multiple of y’all? who is we and us? 

  3. rl reeves jr says:

    Me and my barbecue buddy Ron

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