2013 Memphis In May Barbecue Winners

100k reported souls wondered the grounds of the 2013 Memphis In May Barbecue championship only to discover that they are forbidden to sample the meats being cooked by the teams.

Get a rope.

I can’t imagine a barbecue competition in Texas where you would be treated so poorly. The general rule of thumb for smoked meat shootouts in Texas is arrive early and arrive hungry. You can’t make it ten feet without somebody trying to put a plate of brisket and a cold beer in your face.

Stuffed? Expect the kindly entrants to pull out gallon ziploc bags and try to get you to take a to-go sack stuffed full of smoked meat.

Tennessee needs to step up their game considerably.

This year’s Memphis In May competition saw 250 teams compete¬† and when the dust had settled Sweet Swine O’ Mine had emerged as grand champion.

Of interest to Texans: In the beef category, Fireman John’s BBQ was the victor. Of interest to approximately 27 people, Smoking Razorbacks took the nod in the “Hot wings” category. This category does not exist in Texas.

The real barbecue championship is determined in Meridian Texas each year in the Bosque Bottoms fairgrounds. 20k is on the line in this invitation-only smoked meat shootout.

And you won’t go hungry like you might in Memphis.

Nice overview article http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2326904/Super-Bowl-swine-Barbecue-world-championship-attracts-250-competitors-battling-grill-king-title.html

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3 Responses to 2013 Memphis In May Barbecue Winners

  1. Brother, Get your facts straight.  

    Memphis in May, you can eat with teams, we teams invite people into our booths all the time, you just gotta know how to ask. There is also a FREE tour called the cooker caravan that lets spectators go around and take tours of team booths. Why take a tour, because some teams booths are 3 levels tall (3900 sq feet), built from scaffolding, with BBQ Buffets, kitchens, full bars, dance floors, DJ’S, and of course, tables for eating. We teams CANNOT charge people to eat in our booths, or to drink from the full bars in our booths, or to enter our booths…ie if you are invited in its FREE

    There is the Kingsford Tour of Champions, that pits teams against each other for best tasting Q…as determined by the public. You visit 6 booths and get treated like royalty for 2 hours while stuffing your face full of Q and booze…all for $10

    Get off your high horse and research a contest before trashing it.

    PS…The VERY best in BBQ compete at the “King of the Smoker” competition, where the Grand Champion winners of all the Big BBQ contests in the country (including Texas contests) go head to head to prove who is the best in Barbeque, not just of “Texas BBQ”.

  2. RL Reeves Jr says:

    Thanks for the feedback, sounds like a lot of fun

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