2013 International Biscuit Festival In Knoxville, Tennessee

Oh to be strolling along the broad avenues of downtown Knoxville, Tennessee this weekend as the city turns into one giant, biscuit-making kitchen.

The International Biscuit Festival is back May 16-18 2013.

I knew I was in love with this party when I discovered the festival leader is called the “biscuit boss”

What a lovely tombstone that will make one day.

As if that weren’t enough, there is a pageant that will crown Miss Biscuit. One can only imagine the smoke-filled backroom where the gal that hefts that crown is determined.

Southern mafia.

The concern’s website is a marvel with categories including: biscuit bash, biscuit boulevard and biscuit blog among others.

A perusal of that biscuit blog yields some incredible recipes like The Homegrown Hero, by Shawn Banks featuring Benton’s bacon and cheddar cheese, and even more fetchingly The Southern Debutante, by Christopher Lowe with ham tenderloin medallions and soy sauce!

And about that Biscuit Boulevard: 20 regional bakers will form a longitudinal proving ground where a $10 bill will get you 5 biscuit creations from the area’s finest cooks.

Maybe Alan Benton will be out there doling out cathead biscuits stuffed full of his ancient country ham?

More information here http://biscuitfest.com/




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