Winners 2013 Jack Daniels Barbecue Championship

After a long, hard slog across the internet this morning, I finally managed to find a list of winners from yesterday’s 2013 Jack Daniels Barbecue Championship in Lynchburg, Tennessee.

The grand champion was Tuffy Stone, Aaron Franklin’s sidekick on BBQ Pitmasters. Stone’s Cool Smoke team has won countless awards across the US so their victory was no surprise. Shad Kirton’s A Boy and His BBQ team came in 2nd. You may remember Kirton’s team from season 2 of BBQ Pitmasters where they came in 1st at the end of season showdown.

In the most important (brisket) part of the competition team A Boy And His BBQ came in 1st with Stubborn Bull placing 2nd.

To compete in the Winner’s Circle part of the competition you had to have been a previous Jack Daniels Barbecue Champion. The winner of this segment of the event was Pigskin BBQ out of Iowa.

Proving that barbecue competitions outside of Texas are pale imitators of the real McCoy, there was no sausage portion of the Jack Daniels event; the organizers instead opted to have a dessert cook off. I’m trying to remember the last time I ate dessert after a barbecue feast. Here in Central Texas the meat’s so good that even peach cobbler goes wanting after eaters have stuffed their bellies with hot guts and brisket.

Danielle Dimovski “Diva Q” snatched victory in the “I know Jack about grilling” competition. Her victory netted her a thousand dollars and a bottle of Jack Daniels. You may remember Dimovski from her Travel Channel show BBQ Crawl. Since Moore County TennesseeĀ  is famously dry, here’s hoping Diva Q managed to keep the lid on her jug.

I’m certain the local constabulary would have no problem cracking the skull of an itinerant barbecue cook from Canada if she decided to shuck free from the municipal codes of the region.

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