Who Polishes The Horns? Adventures in Istanbul Eating Part 6: Furreya Fish House

Back in Squaresville aka Texas, USA, once 9 pm roll s around your dining options begin to seriously dwindle. Yeah, there are places open but alot of prime choices [particularly family run] are closed or about to close. Not so in Istanbul.

After a daylong hike through Fatih district I decide to spoil myself with a cab from Sultanahmet to Galata. The cabby pulls a heist and starts heading towards Attaturk airport…the opposite direction from Galata.

“Sir, you’re going the wrong way”.

“Oh, no no no, this is right”.

Having spent the past few months studying maps of Istanbul to avert such problems I quickly become nonplused. Even more so when we finally arrive [after circling through Kumkapi!] and he announces a 26 lira fee.

After some terse words and haggling skills gained in the stockyards of my youth we settle on the more fair fare of 10 lira and I’m off.

Everything on the menu at Furreya looks good so I ask the manager for a recommendation. “Sole stew is nice”. Perhaps 10 minutes pass and the dish arrives. It’s not a stew in the traditional sense but more of a fajita hot plate loaded with mushrooms, tomatoes, red and green peppers and slivers of impossibly fresh sole. Bright green fronds of parsley are scattered about cutting nicely through the richness of the dish.

Sole’s one of my favorite fishes and this take is valid. I hate green bells so I shove them off to the side and start wrecking my plate. Everything’s held together in a delicious but scant red gravy. The fungus and pepper are all earthy and vegetal with the sole giving a briny tang.

As is the custom of the Turks I’m given a loaf of bread to sop up all the juices and herd the food onto my cutlery. It’s  typically good and this is no exception.

Furreya is tiny seating only a handful of patrons with many diners taking their food out as a packet. Eat it there or take it with you you can’t lose when you choose the optimally fresh and crazy cheap cuisine of Furreya Fish house.

One *

Serdar-i Ekrem Sok. 2, Beyoglu (Kuledibi)
Telephone: 212-252-4853

About the Stars:

4 ****  Extraordinary, life changing

3 ***   Excellent

2 *     Very good

1 *     Good

0 *     Mediocre

Quality, price, service and ambiance are all taken into account when rating.

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