Thirteen Thousand Three Hundred Miles Of International Barbecue

Good to be home.

While I have deep love for Texas [and Alabama and Kentucky] barbecue every now and again I have to recalibrate by hitting the open road, overseas, to see how the pit bosses on the other side of the world are cooking meat with fire. Over the course of the past 16 days I managed to sample quite a few different nationalities output: Turkish, Serbian, Dutch, Kurdish, Croatian, Syrian and Egyptian. Each have their own unique style with the common theme being that of animal flesh meeting hot coals then making its way to the diner and his gullet.

I’ll be putting up some of this content here on the Chowpapi site, a bit on the Scrumptiouschef site and a motherlode in the suddenly hot e-book format.

If y’all have one of those fancy Kindles and arent afraid to fly 7000 miles for a barbecue experience like no other then I’ll be happy to provides some guidance.



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  1. Bubba says:

    The next time ya got the travel bug, come on over to Jakarta and I’ll fix you up with the best brisket and spare ribs in this part of Southeast Asia.  I’ve been doing it since ’94,

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