The State of Carnitas In Austin Texas: Part 3. Angie’s Mexican Restaurant

Day 3: Ask the neophytes of Austin’s eating community where they go to get carnitas and the typical response will be Angie’s. Angie’s Mexican Restaurant has been plying the taco trade for 18 plus years in Austin, starting in a small wooden bungalow and after many years of hard work graduating into a spanking new hacienda on Austin’s east side.

At $2.98  a taco I don’t doubt that Angie Quintero is now a woman of means. But how are the carnitas? At $1.50, the standard price for a carnita taco in Austin, they would be good. But in the rarefied air of the three dollar taco, deep scrutiny must be applied to these tacos.

Scrutiny that quite frankly, Angie does not pass. Firstly the tortilla,a deep ochre color that looks quite rustic but doesn’t deliver in the flavor category. No manteca is present in this tortilla. The meat is a smallish portion, perhaps 3 ounces, of pulled pig meat that has been held for some time without the benefit of moisture. The salsa is the chunky variety, not particularly spicy yet with strips of peppers that belie the mildness. Onion and cilantro garnish are standard issue. Ambience is fine. I sit in the driver’s seat of my Econoline [prior to making a mad rush to see “Killer of Sheep”] and take in the view of a steady stream of patrons entering and exiting the stylish, modern restaurant.

With Four Seasons level pricing in effect for her carnitas tacos Angie’s has priced me out of being able to sensibly figure her food into my taco budget. With the quality being merely acceptable that is ok.


Angie’s Mexican Restaurant
1307 E 7th St
Austin, Texas 78702
(512) 476-5413

About the Stars:

4 ****  Extraordinary, life changing

3 ***   Excellent

2 *     Very good

1 *     Good

0 *     Mediocre

Quality, price, service and ambiance are all taken into account when rating.

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