The State of Bean And Cheese Tacos In Austin Texas Part 3: La Reyna

I’ve had a long love affair with La Reyna, the queen of South Austin’s Tex Mex restaurants just south of the Colorado River in the Bouldin Creek neighborhood.

She’s been a good lover.

One who has accorded me many delicious meals in my decade plus patronage.

I’ve expounded at length on her charms¬† in the past but this discussion shall relate to perhaps her most humble menu item; the bean and cheese taco.

Of the multitude of charms La Reyna offers,¬† I believe this may have been the only one I’d not sampled.

Serious error.

The taco arrives as a carefully wrought take on the classic. A big ladle of creamy refrieds basking under a mantle of bright yellow Tex Mex cheese. The beans are rich with pork, partly creamed and partly whole.

The tortilla [at La Reyna flour is king] is a perfect take. Pillowy with little blisters and hot off the comal. The salsa is the Tex Mex classic of tomatoes, onions, cilantro and jalapeno chiles. It’s bright and hot, a perfect foil to the pinto beans.

At $1.68 the bean and cheese taco provides a very good value. It’s portion is ample and the flavors a walk through a skilled Mexican kitchen.

One *

1816 S 1st St

About the Stars:

4 **** Extraordinary, life changing

3 *** Excellent

2 * Very good

1 * Good

0 * Mediocre to Acceptable

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2 Responses to The State of Bean And Cheese Tacos In Austin Texas Part 3: La Reyna

  1. RL Reeves Jr says: Another take on La Reyna

  2. CarterB says:

    I found La Reyna from your CH posts and owe you for that. The only Tex-Mex in this city that I have ever truly enjoyed. Have not had the bean & cheese either–will try it next time. At El Taco Rico this weekend, had their b&c and while enjoyed not enough to replace my staple of potato & egg and bacon & egg.

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