The Eastern Kentucky Chili Bun Trail: Amon’s Sugar Shack In Somerset

The Eastern Kentucky Chili Bun Trail by RL Reeves Jr

Technically Somerset, Kentucky is not in the eastern part of the state but I’m including them in my Eastern Kentucky Chili Bun Trail series due to the long, rich history of Amon’s Sugar Shack.

Amon’s Bakery opened in downtown Somerset on January 18, 1951. Amon Lafayette Stephens had returned from overseas where he fought in WWII, and was looking for a birthday present for his wife Rosemary when he spotted a for sale sign on a small building in the old downtown.

For the next 67 years the couple would run the bakery til Amon’s passing in 2012.

“That’s what he bought me for my birthday, and I tell [people] I haven’t been out of a job since,” Rosemary said.

On The Road To Amon’s Sugar Shack In Somerset, Kentucky

From time to time national media have descended on Amon’s Sugar Shack and that’s how I found out about the concern back in the 90s when Bon Appetit magazine ‘discovered’ their coconut donuts.

I was visiting family in Corbin, and mentioned that Somerset had a world-renowned donut shop which was all my dad needed to hear. We piled up in his F-350 and pointed toward Pulaski County.

I’ll never forget buying that box of donuts. It felt like it had an anvil in it. You get your moneys worth at the Sugar Shack.

That was over 20 years ago. Nowadays the business has expanded greatly to offer hot plate lunches and since this is Kentucky; chili buns.

Amon’s Sugar Shack 1900 Old US Hwy 27 #13, Somerset, KY 42501

A chili bun with mustard and onions will set you back $2 at Amon’s. It hews closely to the tradition established some 30 miles east in towns like London, Manchester and Corbin.

The all beef meat has been ground fine, lightly seasoned with chili powder and served with ballpark style mustard and chopped white onions as garnish. A bag of Grippos would have set it off real nice but they are not offered.

I imagine the folks of Pulaski County don’t study too hard on chili buns but I live 700 miles from the Eastern Kentucky Chili Bun Trail and sometimes the urge for one is nearly too much to bear.

Amon’s Sugar Shack
1900 Old US Hwy 27
Somerset, Kentucky

telephone (606) 678-4392

Hours of operation
always call ahead

The Eastern Kentucky Chili Bun Trail

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  2. john dillon says:

    after you mix the chili powder salt sugar and tomato puree well do you just let it sit 30 minutes without cooking anymore

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