The Art Of The Cocktail Part Four: The Captain’s Blood

I spend as much time as is feasible in New Orleans. I’ve developed a good network of friends and comrades in the city and there’s nothing I’d rather do than leave Austin around 11pm at night, ride all night long on my bike and take my breakfast from Cafe Du Monde on the Moonwalk, a walkway named for the former New Orleans mayor Maurice “Moon” Landrieu.

On my most recent visit, I quickly ascertained that Maurepas Foods in the Bywater was the hottest eatery/bar in the city, so I made plans to spend a languid June night there to run through the menu and get good and drunk in the bar. On rum. New Orleans barkeeps know and love their rum and it’s rare that you can request a drink made from the magic elixir that they can’t craft with aplomb.

Enter the Captain’s Blood. Oddly, the barman had not heard of this delicious potion so I walked him through it and he made a particularly fine one utilizing Maurepas’ homemade falernum. Falernum is one of the great cocktail additives. It’s a sweet syrup flavored with {typically} almonds, vanilla and a host of other herbs or nuts depending on who produced it.

Here’s my recipe for The Captain’s Blood


1.5 oz Rum {I like the brand Old New Orleans}

1/2 oz Lime juice, fresh

1 dash bitters {Peychaud’s}

1/2 oz Falernum


* Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker half filled with ice

* Shake like mad

* Strain into a chilled cocktail glass filled with ice {or straight up, if that’s your preference}


The chef at Maurepas Foods, Michael Doyle, came out of  Dante’s Kitchen, one of the best restaurants in all of New Orleans. He’s doing land office business at his new joint by putting out high level comfort food at mid-tier pricing. You can get well-fed there for a little north of ten bucks. Heading to New Orleans? Go to Maurepas Foods, but plan on getting there early as the word is out and it’s getting crazy busy, even on off nights.



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