Texas Pit Boss John Lewis Prepares To Open Lewis Barbecue In Charleston South Carolina

John Mueller and John Lewis via rl reeves jr

John Mueller and John Lewis via rl reeves jr

It’s been a long time coming but John Lewis (x-Franklin Barbecue, x-John Mueller Barbecue, x-LA Barbecue) is approaching the end-game of finally opening his own barbecue restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina.

The young pit boss’s career arc has seen him studying alongside both Aaron Franklin and John Mueller, two titans of Austin, Texas’ nation-beating smoked meat scene.

Mr Lewis is as talented as either of the two gentlemen he formerly built fires with.

I spent a full work-day two years ago with Lewis in the food trailer at LA Barbecue. I’m in a multi-year long charcuterie project with an emphasis on handmade sausage and I knew the best way to improve my game would be to work with other seasoned hands.

John Lewis will be opening Lewis Barbecue at 464 N Nassau St, Charleston, SC 29403 later this Spring

Expect thousands of pounds of Texas hot guts sausage, cudgel-sized beef chuck ribs, brisket, pulled pork and side dishes regional to South Carolina.

I wonder if the Texas cook will be tackling chicken bog?

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