Texas Daily Photo: Walton’s Fancy And Staple

Famously owned by Sandra Bullock, Walton’s Fancy and Staple in downtown¬† Austin is actually a fine place to grab a morning pastry and cup of coffee for a sidewalk breakfast. We haven’t spotted Ms. Bullock there on any of our morning hangs but it is reputed that she likes to swing by when she’s in town.

Baristas are friendly, coffee is rich and prepared properly and the pastries show a skilled¬† hand is at work in the back. We don’t make it by too often [not on our path] but when we do we always have a good morning starter at Walton’s. The remodel of the old building was done with care. You get a bit of a New Orleans feel from the place particularly if you catch them playing 40’s jazz as is their wont from time to time.

The tagline of the company is Perishable, Cherishable, Fetishable which makes me like them a little less likable. It’s too cute by half. A bakeshop that wants to walk on the wildside like the night Aunt Gert had one too many shots of Applejack and tried to make out with the parson’s son.

609 W Sixth St
Austin, Texas

(512) 542-3380

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