Texas Daily Photo: Top Chef Texas Star Paul Qui Is The East Side King Of Austin

Unbelievable the level of cuisine coming out of the East Side King food truck parked on the blacktop in front of the Grackle over on e.6th st. Lately it’s becoming something of a ritual to eat there late night to round off the evenings affairs.

I can’t fathom which contestant on Top Chef Texas is going to beat Qui. His food is insanely delicious. Most vegetarian fare around town is merely a nod towards the non meat eaters. At East Side King the herbivores are served as though they’re gourmands not afterthoughts.

I rarely eat non meat, main dishes at restaurants but the mushroom melange that Qui serves could turn me herbivore. I reckon that’s like turning gay, you either are you aren’t but damnit that is one fine dish. A mountain of mushrooms are cooked in a stick or so of butter then bathed in soy sauce and sake and served on sticky rice with green onions.

It’s nice to see the vegetarians get treated like first class citizens instead of a trashy cousin the family tries to ignore but can’t.

Pictured is the grilled chicken thigh painted with barbecue sauce and served with sticky rice. Kewpie mayo ties the whole dish together. Cracklings and green onions serve notice to lesser kitchens in town; get after it y’all, if you expect to hang in the new Austin you better step it up, at a minimum, one full notch.

1700 e. 6th st.


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