Texas Daily Photo: Peter’s Barbecue In Ellinger Texas

Peter’s Barbecue in Ellinger, Texas is a good, sleeper pick down in Fayette County. It’s a stone’s throw from Hruska’s,  the legendary Kolache shop and is just down the road a spell from Gil Vrazel’s Barbecue Shack where Mary Vrazel vends handmade hot links and brisket on the weekends.

Alan Peters, owner and pit boss, worked in the Mikeska family hierarchy of barbecue for years before setting out on his own. His time was well spent as his brisket is better than any I’ve ever had from a Mikeska branch. He offers a buffet style meal with a bunch of sides and what have you but I’ve never taken him up on it. I always get a pound of fatty, outside slice brisket and it’s very good.

Peter's BBQ in Ellinger Texas

Peter’s BBQ in Ellinger Texas

Peter’s is never going to get the acclaim from barbecue purists because he uses a big Southern Pride smoker. Cheating, is what some might say. Hogwash. While I prefer my meat to come off a wholly wood burning unit, this man really has his smoker dialed in.

This is some fine brisket served in a rickety Texas roadhouse setting that is very appealing.

301 W State Highway 71

Fayetteville, TX



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