Texas Daily Photo: Is BBQ Jesus Aaron Franklin?


Who is the mysterious BBQ Jesus? Austin, Texas’ barbecue world is buzzing right now with the newest entry into the world of Twitter. Could Aaron Franklin have gone rogue? Why is Mike Sutter of Fedmanwalking so strangely silent on the affair? Jason Cohen, writer for Texas Monthly addressed the issue in the debut of their new Texas Monthly Daily Post Food section.

Cohen brings up the article initially penned on the Scrumptiouschef food site where RL Reeves Jr ponders the mystery. Daniel Vaughn of Full Custom Gospel BBQ, the guy from Man Up Texas BBQ and John Mueller-Aaron Franklin’s former boss and current owner of J Mueller BBQ are all trotted out as suspects as to authorship of the Twitter account.

Vaughn flatly denies it as does Mueller. We also heard from Matthew Odam over at the Austin American Statesman and he claims to not be the scribe.

BBQ Jesus is very funny. We have no idea who’s behind the account but for now we’ll keep checking in to get a few laughs and garner some amusement over the dust-up.

Read the Texas Monthly Daily Post piece here http://www.tmdailypost.com/article/food/franklin-bbq-gets-twitter-homage

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