Texas Barbecue Photos: Pit Stop Barbecue In Temple Texas

We made a barbecue run up to Temple and Belton Texas this past weekend to sample the output at Pit Stop Barbecue and Miller’s Smokehouse respectively.

These are two recent discoveries that are prime examples of why it pays to be a barbecue hound in Central Texas.

We’ll be posting a review of Miller’s soon enough [it was very good] but for now here’s a photo of the Korean gal Hyun Sun, who’s the pit boss at Pit Stop Barbecue.

Mark this one down for your next barbecue roadtrip. Also, you may read a full report of the food at http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/index.cfm/2012/4/4/Austin-Daily-Photo-Pit-Stop-Barbecue-In-Temple-Texas?adminview=true

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