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Louisiana Daily Photo: Gimme A Wop Salad Honey And Make It Snappy

My last two meals at Mandina’s have been sad little affairs. Freezer bag french fries, iodine-tasting fried shrimp, flabby planks of catfish, surly waiter etc. To make matters worse, on each instance I had brought a friend whilst claiming “this … Continue reading

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Rocky And Carlos Reopens After The Fire: Wop Salads And Baked Mac Are At The Ready

I had bad timing on my most recent visit to New Orleans. Rocky and Carlos, est. 1965, had just reopened from the fire that badly damaged the restaurant in February of this year, but I attempted to eat there on … Continue reading

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Rocky And Carlo’s, New Orleans Lousiana: Baked Mac, Wop Salads And Barq’s Rootbeer

Rocky Tommaseo severely injured himself in a fall at his restaurant; Rocky and Carlos in the eastern New Orleans suburb of Chalmette back in 2009. He later succumbed after complications arose. He was 94 years of age. The little restaurant … Continue reading

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